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Business Overview

Total Solution Provider for Clean Room AMHS
Automation Solution Provider for Semiconductors, FPDs, Electronic Components

Flat Panel Displays
Customer Service

Company News

Latest headlines from CFI.

Won the USD 100 million Export Tower
    The 56th Trade Day commemoration ceremony (Organizer: Korea International Trade Association / Spon ...
Manager Training for 2019
  In order to understand the overall management as a manager and learn the concept of profit ...
Level-2 Advancement Training for 2019
  Clean Factomation Inc. carried out its training program to give staff advancing to level-2 ...


CFI is looking for talented individuals to propel its future forward.

Recruiting Information
CFI is recruiting individuals from
a wide range of disciplines with
dreams for their future and the
willingness to take on
new challenges.
Human Resource Management System
CFI aspires to implement a rational and fair human resource management system.
Welfare Benefits
CFI offers a variety of welfare benefits to help employees
strike a good balance between work and life.
Recruiting Process
The recruiting process at
CFI is as follows.
Work Description
The following is a description of work responsibilities
and required competencies at each department.